To be an inviting restaurant and bar, serving craft intentional food and drinks while putting community first, people over profits, progress over perfection, and to pay homage to the cultures that have helped influence our craft in a respectful way.

It is our goal to craft food that pays homage and respect to the cultures that influence us as well as to make sure our little spot creates a ripple of positive impact. We want to use our space and talents for good, to help others, and to inspire you to help others too. We look forward to serving you fun and flavorful food and drinks as well and having a positive impact on our new community.

Quadrum Coffee Roasters

Family-run and owned coffee roaster established in 2020! We are excited to bring you freshly roasted coffee locally. Bringing our community back together through a good cup of coffee is our goal!

Quadrum Coffee is a family business focused on our love of coffee and everything it represents in our life. So, it only makes sense to have a name that merges the two together. The “Quad” represents our four family members, Dan, Darcy, Quinn and Norah Fritsch.